Potat0 Network
A Research‑Based Network Operated By Potat0

Potat0 Network (AS200078) is an education & research network operated by Potat0. This network only supports IPv6.


I have an open peering policy.

I peer with route servers at Internet eXchange Points and send identical routes with general peerings. Besides, setting up a private peering session with me through Internet eXchanges that we have in common, or establishing the session via a tunnel (WireGuard, GRE, etc.), is always welcome.

For your convenience, here is some information about peering.

  • ASN: 200078
  • AS-SET: AS200078:AS-SET
  • Suggested prefix limit for IPv4: 0
  • Suggested prefix limit for IPv6: 30
  • LAS (US1)
    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • HKG (HK1)
    Hong Kong

  • TRF (NO1)
    Sandefjord, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway

  • SJC
    San Jose, California, USA

  • BuyVM (AS53667)

  • Skywolf (AS151364)

  • Terrahost (AS56655)

  • MoeDove (AS44324)